Coronation Street: Samia Ghadie on Marcus and Maria – “I don’t think there will be a happy ending”

Find out what lies ahead for Corrie's latest lovebirds once their secret is exposed

First there was the illicit kiss, then there’s their night in bed together, while next week we have Maria and Marcus’s secret exposed in front of a packed Rovers. The lovebirds are certainly facing a tricky time so early on in their relationship, but can they make it work long term? 


“I don’t think there will be a happy ending,” says Samia Ghadie, who plays Maria. “There very rarely is with Maria, but you never really know. I think it’s only a matter of time before all the issues with Marcus being gay rise to the surface, but this is just my personal opinion.” 

What we do know for sure is that Maria will soon be ending things with boyfriend Jason after sleeping with Marcus. So does Ghadie think that Maria feels guilty about her actions? 

“She has no regrets about being with Marcus but she does massively regret hurting Jason in the process as she’s known him for a long time and does genuinely care for him. 

“So she feels dreadful about ending things with him, but feels she must as she doesn’t want to tell Jason about Marcus just yet, as she feels it’s too soon and she doesn’t want to hurt him more than necessary at this point in time. 

“Maria and Marcus need to know where they both stand with each other before going public.”

Not that they get much of a chance to reflect on what’s going on after Sean catches Maria and Marcus kissing. Following this slip, they’re outed in the Rovers and an almighty bust-up ensues in which Jason punches Marcus: 

“All hell breaks loose,” Ghadie comments. “Jason is in the pub and goes completely mental when he hears the news. He feels completely betrayed not only by Maria but also by Marcus, who he considered a friend as well. Marcus is the last person in the world that Jason thinks would betray him in such a way.”

The result is that they now have to defend their situation to all the gossips. Not that Maria feels that she’s made an error of judgement: 

“She doesn’t feel that they are doing anything wrong. Maria gets really annoyed actually, so much so that she even snaps at Roy the next day. She’s having breakfast the café and Roy comes over to speak to her and Maria jumps down his neck and says, yes, she and Marcus are an item. 

“Roy is taken aback as he was only going to ask her about her breakfast! She’s really sensitive about it all and does defend their situation to anyone who asks.” 

Later in the week, she’s left feeling less than sanguine once more when, on a night out at the Bistro, Marcus runs into his boss and introduces Maria as his best friend. So what explanation does he give when Maria tackles him on the issue? 

“He tells Maria that it’s a massive change in his life and that he’s not ready for the Spanish inquisition off everybody at the moment. He just wants to deal with it in his own way.” 

But, in so doing, will Maria be left fearing that Marcus will eventually fall out of love with her and in love with another man? 


“Yes, I think it’s a natural fear to have that this may happen,” admits Ghadie. “But I think deep down Maria is trying to hide these feelings for the time being.”