The X Factor 2012: finals week five – live blog

Who will be on song, and who'll make you resent your ears? Our man Jack Seale is following all the action - please, please, please help him

Goodness gracious, hello! Welcome to this, the latest in a series of weekly electronic group hugs, as together we try to make it through another episode of The X Factor without going stark staring potty. I, Jack Seale, am the man with the lilac hemp jumper and plaited beard, facilitating the sharing.


Rylan Clark, Jahmene Douglas, James Arthur, Union J, District3, Kye Sones, Christopher Maloney and Ella Henderson will all sing for your love, which you will express by dialling a premium-rate phone number, tonight.

Now look. This blog just doesn’t bloody work if you don’t bloody get involved. Comment in the small box down there. Share your wisdom. Get, in a totally metaphorical way, your kit off and get stuck in. OK? OK. 


This live blog is over! You missed it! Except, no you didn’t because here’s the archived as-it-happened version. Yay!