Viral videos of the week: James Bond, Barack Obama, Barclays and the pumpkin Tetris

The greatest clips uploaded to the internet in the past seven days, filtered and decanted just for you

1. Bang bang, my owner shot me down
The death scene is always a test for any actor, as this guy will tell you. But this compilation shows it’s a skill cat and dog actors have mastered.


Not just cats and dogs either: the gopher or rat or whatever it is 40 seconds in is spookily good at pretending he’s been shot.

2. Spy vs spy
Bond, James Bond takes on James Bond (James) in a series of silly fights to the death between James Bond and James Bond.

I know it’s just some silly fanboy editing but, really, the lack of respect shown here to George Lazenby’s Big Sad Scene is unacceptable.

3. Pumpktris
Halloween seems to get bigger, if not necessarily earlier, every year. Popular pumpkin-based efforts for 2012 included representations of Hurricane Sandy and, inevitably but probably not very helpfully, Jimmy Savile. This, however, is on several other levels.

Nathan Pryor turned his pumpkin into a playable LED version of Tetris, with the pumpkin stem as the controller. If you think this might be easier than it looks, check out his blog and discover that, no, it isn’t.

4. Food for thought
A bonus for fans of The Revolution Will Be Televised: the BBC3 show’s stars Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein, backed by Josie Long, hit the staff and customers of Barclays.

The topic is the very urgent and very unfunny problem of banks and other financial institutions making money from speculating on food prices. The film was made for the World Development Movement.

5. Edited highlights
Naughty internet editing trickster Cassetteboy has, it seems, signed up to a new online comedy project called Bad Teeth, backed by TV bigwigs Hat Trick Productions. His first contribution is this improvement/abridgement of an Obama v Romney debate.


Be warned that, while this is nowhere near as rude as many previous CB productions, it’s still fairly rude.