Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s James Corden in pink lycra

...and Jack Whitehall looking awfully ladylike in a canary-yellow swimming cossie


Just when you thought you’d seen it all, a picture lands in your inbox that makes you spill your cuppa and choke on your choccie biccie: James Corden shimmying across the screen in a swimming cossie. Jack Whitehall also looks impressively light on his feet, although doesn’t cut quite such a dash in goggles and nose peg…


What’s going on? Are our finest comedians on a health kick? Or were they so inspired by the Olympics they’re throwing in the towel? Will Michael McIntyre soon be snapped pirouetting around pools in a rubber ring? 

Thankfully not. No, it’s another stunt for sports panel show A League Of Their Own. Each week host James Corden and the other regulars face a challenge and tonight’s is the most eye-bogglingly ludicrous yet: Corden, Jack Whitehall and Jamie Redknapp have to choreograph their very own synchronised swimming routines, soundtracked to music and performed with the help of seven Aquabatix girls. Their routines are judged on artistic endeavour and execution by professional judges.

It was a step too far for team captain Jamie Redknapp. “That morning I rang up like you do at school and tried to pull a sickie,” he confessed, when we asked the boys whether they enjoyed their day in lycra. “’I don’t want to do swimming today, sir.’ But once I’d got there…”

“You got super-competitive,” chips in Corden.

“So did you!” complains Whitehall – “I wore goggles because I have a chlorine allergy and James was trying to get the judges to dock points.”

“You’re either doing it properly or you’re not,” retorts James. “We couldn’t see, could we, Jamie? Our eyes were red raw.”

Oh dear, it looks like the boys need another dip in the pool to cool off those fiery tempers. But they are agreed on one thing – “it was weirdly fun,” admits Redknapp, grudgingly. 

“Almost as good as the rhythmic gymnastics,” agrees Corden.

Jamie Redknapp impresses the ladies with his egyptian dance move…but where oh where his swimming costume?

And how did fellow team captain Freddie Flintoff wriggle out of this one?

James Corden proves he can pout and pose like the best of ’em…

In fact, he might be enjoying it a little too much.

While it’s all getting a bit steamy for Jack Whitehall. Point those pinkies! 


A League of Their Own continues on Fridays at 10.00pm, Sky1