BBC announces Luther series three – video

YouTube clip reveals that Idris Elba will return for "four perfectly dark, chillingly-formed episodes"

The BBC has taken to YouTube to announce that fan favourite Luther will be returning to our screens for a third series. 


The clip reveals that the BBC will start filming “four perfectly dark, chillingly-formed episodes” this month. While there is no news on when the series is expected to air, the BBC do promise that “it will be worth the wait.” 

Award-winning psychological crime drama Luther, which stars Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson, focusses on the life of detective chief inspector John Luther who is dedicated to his job, almost to the point of obsession. 

In the first series, Luther begins investigating a couple’s double murder. He soon realises that their daughter, Alice Morgan, is guilty of the crime, but is unable to prove that she did it. Over the next two series Luther and Alice develop a strange and dark relationship which in part leads to the death of Luther’s estranged wife. 

Fans who are wondering whether Alice, who disappeared during series two, will make a return in series three will have to wait a while longer. In answer to the question “Is Alice coming back?” the clip states “Only Alice knows”…


The BBC has also used the YouTube clip to thank dedicated fans of the show, saying: “Thank you for being such incredible fans. You mean the world to us.”