Andrew Scott on using chocolate as a reward for sex scenes

The Sherlock star reveals how he incentivised his nude scenes in The Town with his favourite sweet treats…


It’s safe to say love scenes are not most actors’ favourite part of the job. Getting naked with a relative stranger can be nerve-wracking enough so having a whole TV crew watching must make it extra hard. But Andrew Scott, best known to fans of Sherlock as consulting criminal Jim Moriarty, has a secret weapon for ensuring a solid performance – chocolate.


In his latest TV project, ITV1 series The Town (airing early next month), Scott plays a young man returning to his home town after a decade away. There he rekindles a romance with his first love, played by Charlotte Riley – and the actor admitted things get a little steamy between the pair.

“There is an element of roooomance – yes, there is,” Scott told “I do get my kit off. I do.” What, everything? “Well, no, I don’t think the audience need to see that! I don’t think they’d want to see that. But there’s definitely a bit of that.”

And Scott revealed that he and Riley gave themselves a reward for completing the scene in question: “I had a Double-Decker Duo and a packet of giant buttons after it. Charlotte had a packet of Monster Munch.”


So when you watch that particular scene and see the passion in the two actors’ eyes, just remember it’s not each other they’re lusting after – its chocolate and crisps…