Sherlock’s Andrew Scott on Moriarty’s return: “He’s dead, dead, dead – but nothing is impossible”

Could the character return in a flashback or a dream? Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss "could have any number of things" up their sleeves, says Scott

Following a press day with Andrew Scott earlier this week, a variety of sources have quoted the Sherlock actor as saying that his character Moriarty is well and truly dead.


But had a one-to-one with Scott, and although he reiterated in no uncertain terms that “He’s dead. Moriarty is dead, dead, dead,” he did also repeat what he told us on the Bafta red carpet in May – “nothing is impossible.”

Asked whether there might be scope for the consulting criminal to return in a dream sequence or flashback, Scott said “They [Sherlock co-creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat] don’t tell me anything. I’m so glad they don’t tell me anything because it just means that I can just say ‘No, he’s dead.’”

“Mark and Steven are in charge of everything. They’re the bosses,” he added, admitting “Nothing is impossible. Crikey. They could have, I don’t know, any number of things [planned].”


It may be the slimmest of straws for Moriarty fans to clutch at but – given the popularity of Scott’s Bafta-winning character, and his dynamic with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock – clutch at it we’re sure they will…