Casino Royale director working with Mad Men producer on new US drama series

Martin Campbell joins forces with Chris Black on hostage thriller Coup for ABC

James Bond director Martin Campbell is set to oversee a new hostage drama for ABC.


The Casino Royale helmsman will be joined by Mad Men executive producer Chris Black for Coup – a serial about a man who pairs up with a mercenary to rescue his wife after she’s taken hostage. 

Black has a long history on the small screen, having previously written for shows including Desperate Housewives, Star Trek: Enterprise and Xena: Warrior Princess, before taking up producing duties on Ugly Betty and US smash hit Mad Men.


Campbell also boasts a reputable small screen CV. Before working on films such as Green Lantern, Edge Of Darkness and GoldenEye, the New Zealand-born director cut his teeth in TV where he helmed series including The Professionals, Minder and Shoestring in the 1980s. It was recently announced he’d be revisiting his roots in television by re-imagining classic British sci-fi serial Blake’s 7 for SyFy.