Derren Brown hits back at Apocalypse doubters

The celebrity illusionist has taken to YouTube in an attempt to prove his latest Channel 4 stunt was not a fake


Derren Brown has filmed a YouTube video with Steve Brosnan, the unsuspecting star of his epic televised illusion Apocalypse, in an attempt to prove that his end of the world trick was genuine – and that Steve is not a professional actor.


The programme in question, Channel 4’s Apocalypse, saw Brown – with the help of over 100 actors – convince Steve that a meteor had hit the earth, infecting the population with a deadly disease that turned people into zombies. 

Ever since part one of the illusionist’s elaborate stunt aired on Channel 4 last Friday, sceptics have questioned whether Steve Brosnan was actually as unaware of his impending doom as the programme made out. Viewers also noted the similarity between Steve and an actor in a noodle advert – and stumbled across what suspiciously appeared to be Steve’s profile on a professional actor’s casting website… 

But Derren Brown was quick to deny using an actor, taking to twitter to say:

The professional trickster has since gone a step further to prove that his stunt was genuine by getting Steve and the actor from the noodle advert, Karl Greenwood, together. 

In part of the video – which he has uploaded to his YouTube channel – Brown says: “A lot of people think that you appeared in a noodle ad under the name Karl Greenwood, Steven. Are you Karl Greenwood?”

To which Steve replies: “I am not Karl Greenwood, no.”

Brown then asks: “Have you ever been in a noodle ad?”

And Steve replies: “I have not been in a noodle ad, no.”

Next, Brown says: “Are you sure you are not the person to your left?”

To which Steve replies: “I am definitely not the person to my left.”

Are you convinced..? 


The second part of Derren Brown’s Apocalypse is on Friday at 9:00pm on Channel 4.