Skyfall opening breaks UK box office records

The new James Bond movie enjoyed the biggest grossing opening weekend ever for a non-3D film, second only to the Harry Potter finale in terms of overall takings


Skyfall has recorded the UK’s most successful ever opening weekend for a non-3D movie, taking £20.1 million at the box office between Friday 26 and Sunday 28 October, as well as drawing the largest Saturday cinema audience in British history.


Released in 2D and IMAX versions only, Daniel Craig’s third outing as James Bond was second only to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in terms of overall first-weekend earnings – the final instalment in the saga of the boy wizard pulled in a total of £23.77m, including takings for its 3D version, during its debut weekend in July 2011.

Skyfall also eclipsed the opening weekend earnings of Craig’s two previous Bond films – Casino Royale, which took £13.4m on its 2006 release, and Quantum of Solace, which grossed £15.4m in 2008 – and outdid 2D- and IMAX-only Batman blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises, which made £14.36m in July 2012.

The film’s success was replicated around the world, as Skyfall opened at number one in 25 international territories, grossing a total of £48.4 million ($77.7m) worldwide, despite not yet having been released in the United States.

Discussing Skyfall’s bumper box office performance, Sony’s worldwide president of distribution Rory Bruer said: “This picture has such an incredible DNA and to be so loved by critics and audiences alike will push it be one of the biggest, if not biggest, Bond pics.”

Skyfall will be released in the States on Friday 9 November, and work is already under way to maintain the film’s momentum. Screenwriter John Logan has begun scripting the next two Bond films and Daniel Craig has agreed to star in both, while Skyfall’s director Sam Mendes recently said that he would consider returning to the franchise in the future.


Watch Skyfall’s trailer below: