Joss Whedon “endorses” Mitt Romney Presidential campaign – and warns of impending zombie apocalypse

The Avengers Assemble director has taken to the internet with a tongue-in-cheek video supposedly supporting the Republican candidate


Joss Whedon knows a thing or two about the undead, after all, before conquering Hollywood with Avengers Assemble, the writer/director was best known for his work on the much-loved cult series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 


But it’s shuffling zombie hordes, rather than teenaged vampire killers, that are the subject of the filmmaker’s latest screen outing, a two-minute-long YouTube clip. 

During the video, Whedon, a self confessed liberal and staunch supporter of the Obama Presidency, mockingly endorses Republican Mitt Romney’s campaign, claiming the would-be Presidential candidate has “…the vision and determination to cut through ‘business as usual’ politics and finally put this country back on the path to the zombie apocalypse.” 

Later in the mock political ad, Whedon plays on classic zombie movie stereotypes and jokes that the physically fit, and not economic ruling class will go on to rule society: “The 1% will no longer be the very rich, it’ll be the very fast,” he says. “Anyone who can run, fight, make explosives out of household objects or especially do parkour of any kind – you’ll want to stick with them, unless they read Ayn Rand.” 


Whedon, who last year donated $35,000 to the President’s campaign, isn’t the first celebrity to back Obama in the upcoming US Presidential elections. Household names like Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry and George Clooney have all also publicly appeared in support of the President.