Viral videos of the week: Downton, The Exorcist, A4e and gay marriage

This week's least inessential internet video nuggets, swept up and bagged by our top experts

1. Regan and Merrin’s Laugh-In
As the makers of [insert BBC1 sitcom you don’t like] will tell you, you can make anything funny by adding a laugh track – even the scariest horror film of all time. Behold, The Exorcist recut as a 1980s US sitcom.


If, like me, you’re the sort of sicko who laughed all the way through The Exorcist anyway, this is particularly effective. Although it does become genuinely disturbing at around 2m30s… (NB laugh track or not, this contains scenes of, you know, horror. Oh, and: SPOILERS if you haven’t seen this famous film that was released in 1973, and don’t want to see how it ends.)

2. One-man Downton
Impressionist Luke Kempner is the writer and star of this lovely Downton Abbey spoof, playing all 12 characters himself as toffs and slaves get in a pickle over a cruet.

OK, so sometimes he’s just doing a generic posh/Northern accent at varying pitches, but his Carson and his Dowager Countess are spot-on.

3. Happy slipping
Somewhere in Eastern Europe, a kid on a bike decides to indulge in the traditional rapscallion’s pastime of knocking a hat off an old geezer’s head.

Probably the best extremely short YouTube video since this one.

4. Worried for Emma’s welfare
The political interview of the week, at least if you discount ones involving Conrad Black: rich yet still unpopular former A4e chairman Emma Harrison on Channel 4 News.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy (or is it Kristan?) has some figures about the coalition’s “work programme” and how well A4E ran it. Are the numbers right, and does mentioning them more than once constitute bullying?

5. It says so in the Bible
Springfield, Missouri preacher Phil Snider gave this speech against a local bill to make gay people a protected minority back in the summer, but he only became an internet sensation this week.


Watch it through to the end…