Merlin series five, episode four – preview pictures and video

Arthur and Merlin walk into an elaborate trap set by Morgana in this Saturday's episode of the BBC fantasy drama


Last Saturday’s Merlin saw a return of Uther Pendragon. After Arthur came across a magical horn, he gave in to temptation and used it to summon the spirit of his late father – but with disastrous consequences. As Uther’s bitter spirit began to haunt Camelot, Merlin and Arthur had to battle to put the late King of Camelot to rest… 


This week Morgana makes a sinister pact with Nemeth and King Odin, using Princess Mithian – who was once engaged to Arthur- as bait to lure the young king to his death – a deception so powerful that the whole of Camelot, even Merlin, is taken in.

Can the young warlock see through the lies before it is too late? Tune in on Saturday to find out… 


Merlin continues on Saturday at 8:20pm on BBC1