The X Factor 2012 rumour mill: was Frankie Cocozza encouraged to go wild?

The 2011 flop says he was quite literally driven to drink by the show's producers

THE RUMOUR: X Factor bosses, far from being shocked and outraged last year by Frankie Cocozza’s constant fornicating, were actually encouraging him to do it! Not only that, but they didn’t let him sing whatever he wanted when he was on the show and are generally controlling what happens, on the programme and behind the scenes.


QUOTE FROM THE SEXED-UP MR CRAZY HAIR HIMSELF: “I just got caned week in, week out. I didn’t want to be there but they did everything they could to keep me in. Then when I kept getting through each week I think they thought: ‘S**t, he could win this and we can’t have that,’ so they f**ked me off in the most horrible way. I was the only one allowed out on the show last year. They’d tell me I had VIP at a club and would book me a car to take me to the door. Then when I arrived there were paps everywhere! They wouldn’t let me do the songs I wanted to do, they wouldn’t let me wear what I wanted to. Those decisions didn’t come from my mentor Gary Barlow, they came from above. The judges don’t pick songs and stuff, they’ll be told to choose between four. It’s ridiculous.” (Daily Star)


RADIOTIMES.COM TRUTH RATING: 5/5. Well, duh! Frankie has unleashed these earth-trembling revelations ahead of the release on 5 November of his debut EP, ‘Sherbet Monkey Sex Farm’. OK, it’s not called that. It’s called ‘The Motorcycle’. Anyway, he’ll have to do better than this, surely. The X Factor producers like it when contestants go out and make fools of themselves, because it gets the programme in the papers? GET AWAY.