Paul Hollywood: I took Mary Berry to McDonald’s – she wasn’t impressed!

"I find it very difficult to watch other baking programmes because I disagree with everything - it has to be my way or the highway"

Who controls the remote?
Me and my dog Rufus, who always steals it off me. He’s destroyed three.


What do you wake up to?
Chris Evans on Radio 2. I’ve got his number so I text him when he infuriates me – like when he recently went on a wheat-free diet.

What can’t you miss?
Top Gear. My ten-year-old son adores it, too, so he sits on my lap and we watch it together.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Bacon butties: smoked bacon, griddled, on sliced white bread with a mug of tea.

What makes you blush?
I don’t blush easily. Last time it was Sarah Millican’s fault. She asked me how it felt to be nominated one of the Top Ten Silver Foxes. That sort of thing makes me uncomfortable.

What was the last TV programme you switched off ?
The Hairy Bikers’ Bakeation. I find it very difficult to watch other baking programmes because I disagree with everything. I’m such a stickler it has to be my way or the highway. When I see things done differently, I get really wound up.

What would you delete from your son’s watchlist?
Star Wars because of Star Wars Lego. Every Christmas he asks for a new bit of kit and I end up building it. Last year I spent four days solid constructing the Death Star.

What lulls you to sleep?
Question Time. I especially enjoy it when David Starkey’s on. His attitude is great: he doesn’t care.

What TV show would you revive?
The Galloping Gourmet with Graham Kerr. I remember watching it as a kid and being amazed. The reaction of the crowd, the way he made people salivate – Kerr was the first to do that. I’d do something similar: The Galloping Baker.

Is it true that you’re cooking up your first solo TV series?
I’m currently filming and it should be coming out early next year. It’s about bread, and I’m also cooking with bread. Bread is the bake closest to my heart because it’s the hardest one to master.

Who was your first crush?
Sarah Greene. Years later, I was on a programme she was presenting and told her, and a few expletives came out – “I’m not that ***** old!”

Would you appear on Strictly?
I love Strictly so I would give it serious thought if I were asked. My wife said to me that I wasn’t embarrassing to dance with, which was a compliment, I think.

Who’s left you star-struck?
Priscilla Presley. She said I reminded her of Elvis, that there was definitely a look. My mum used to say that about me when I was young – I can’t see it myself!

Do you Google yourself?
I tend not to. I don’t like looking at photographs of myself. I don’t like watching myself on television. I think if you go down that path, you’re on a hiding to nothing.

After a day of The Great British Bake Off, do you crave a curry?
I crave salt. We recently filmed our Christmas special and on the way back to our hotel I pulled into a drive-in McDonalds with Bezza – that’s my pet name for Mary Berry. I’d been eating cakes all day and had a big craving. “Big Mac, large fries what do you want, Bezza?” She wasn’t impressed!


1. BBC Breakfast or Today?
BBC Breakfast

2. Jamie Oliver or Nigel Slater?
Nigel Slater – his style of cooking is just like my wife’s.

3. Footy or golf?
Both. And Formula One.

4. TOWIE or Made in Chelsea?
I can’t stand either.

5. Salted or sweet popcorn?
Either. I like popping it.


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