Keith Lemon confirms Fearne Cotton Celebrity Juice break

Speaking to, the presenter listed his ideal replacements, including Kimberley Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger and Cheryl Cole

Pregnant Fearne Cotton has been heaving her growing bump to work on Celebrity Juice and her host Keith Lemon (played by comedian Leigh Francis) has gone all mushy. “I always give her little bump a message, and every time I give that message I nearly cry – I think I’ve caught Baby Brain off her. But his soft spot only stretches so far: “After that I have to give her loads of abuse again about the size of her nostrils.”


But as Keith revealed to, Fearne will be taking a break from the show’s next series “so that she can be a mum”. The obvious question arises – who would be Mr Lemon’s ideal replacement?

“I don’t want to say in case that person is on that list and we don’t get them, and then we might end up with someone who’s not as good.” Right… “But Britney would be good, wouldn’t she? And Kelly Osbourne. Dannii Minogue, Davina, Nicole Scherzinger. Cheryl would be great but I don’t think that will happen! I know Kimberley so that could happen, but not if they’re getting back together.”

But if he can’t have Cheryl as a team captain, surely she’d make a good guest? “I’d like to have Cheryl on, but I want Gary Barlow because I had a text relationship with him and then we met and we got on well, but I don’t think he’s allowed to while he’s doing X Factor because I know Simon Cowell told off Louis Walsh for doing Celebrity Juice. I don’t know why because we have a similar audience demographic-wise.


Keith went on to reveal a rather outspoken celebrity who comes over all shy when faced with the comedian’s infamous mockery. “When Katie Price is on she seems to go very quiet. I love the idea that in her house she’s right fun and laughs a lot, but when she comes on the show, she puts a wall up and says, ‘go on, then, take the piss out of me’. But it’s not about that on Celebrity Juice – we’re going to hopefully get you doing something fun to show a different side to you, rather than just attacking you.”