Derren Brown: It’s only a matter of time before someone plays a trick on me

The celebrity illusionist admits he is concerned he may one day become the victim of an elaborate stunt similar to those he plays on others


Celebrity trickster Derren Brown is worried he is overdue a taste of his own medicine. 


“I’ve done so many big stunts played on other people that it’s going to be a matter of time before someone turns around and does one on me”, he told after persuading newlyweds Chris O’Dowd and Dawn Porter to take part in a stunt for Channel 4’s live Stand Up to Cancer fundraiser on Friday.

In the money-raising act for charity O’Dowd shot his wife with five guns while Brown influenced him into choosing the guns in a certain order. Brown admitted afterwards: “I’m overdue something like that.”

The daring illusionist is taking his exploits to another level this Friday by tricking an unsuspecting member of the public into thinking that the world has ended. In this wildly ambitious trick, Derren makes one man believe that a meteor has crashed into the earth and infected thousands of people with a deadly disease. Pulling off the elaborate ploy took eight months, an undisclosed amount of money and over 100 actors. 

So what will the king of deception do to make sure the tables are never turned? 

Brown says: “The trick will be to retire quietly before anything like that happens, before I outstay my welcome, which I’m sure some would say I already have! I’ll quietly disappear before anybody does that.”


Watch Derren Brown’s Apocalypse this Friday at 9:00pm on Channel 4