Viral videos of the week: Jon Hamm, Bodyform and men hurting themselves

The greatest and most significant internet clips of the week, trussed in a single epic package

1. Whoa, marketing
As Thomas Cook will tell you, it’s very easy to react poorly to taunting messages left on your official Facebook page. But when Bodyform saw this missive from Richard Neill, they went above and beyond.


What do you mean, it’s just an elaborate marketing stunt? The fact that I’ve eaten two delicious packets of Bodyform while writing this post is a complete coincidence.

2. Hamm and cheese
Mad Men star Jon Hamm’s latest effort to escape the constrictive sharp suit of Don Draper involves him wearing a silly moustache, a green leotard, a blanket and, indeed, just his pants.

This very funny Adult Swim short spoof follows Hamm and Adam Scott as, under the inexpert directorship of Paul Rudd, they film a shot-for-shot remake of the opening titles of silly 1980s US detective series Simon & Simon.

3. Dog day
Waking up, checking the iPhone, having breakfast, getting dressed – another day just like the last one for a man with a dog’s head.

Seemingly based on/developing the idea in this monster hit from last year, this is a clip you have to be really close to your pet to be able to make.

4. Hit the bar
You know how it is. After the world snooker championships, snooker halls have a one-week spike in interest. The day after the Wimbledon men’s final, municipal tennis courts are full. And in the week after Felix Baumgartner jumped to Earth from the edge of space, people everywhere are base-jumping off 40,000-foot cliffs, launching themselves from gymnastic bars to add a bit of an Olympic vibe.

It doesn’t look like it from this clip but Norwegian daredevil Richard Henriksen survived this accident, luckily not clattering into the side of the cliff and managing to open his parachute almost as planned.

5. Schadenfreezer
And finally, in case you’re not one of the millions who’ve already seen this German man try to leap through the ice on top of a frozen pond…


You know what’s coming. Still funny. OK, so it’s not quite as funny as his friends think it is, but it’s close.