Homeland series two, episode three – preview pictures and video

Take a look at the next episode of Homeland - State of Independence - before it airs on Sunday


The second instalment of Homeland saw the series return to action-packed 24-esque excitement after the season opener gave us a chance to draw breath, and enjoy some beautifully crafted -and well needed-  exposition.


Carrie’s on the streets of Beirut, relishing her chance to act “like” a CIA field agent again – but there’s a problem, she’s not a CIA field agent any more, she’s a fragile English teacher recovering from a particularly powerful bi-polar episode and the aftermath of electro-convulsive shock therapy.

When the carefully crafted plan to meet her informant alongside Saul goes wrong, Carrie falls back on her training and goes ‘dark’, taking the mission into her own hands, breaking protocol and endangering both her own life and those around her.

Despite her unorthodox pursuit of the truth, and a clear manic episode unfolding once again, Saul and the CIA decide to act upon the intelligence Carrie has gleaned, and set up a trap for terrorist commander Abu Nazir.

But the plot is foiled by the intervention of Brody, who now as a congressman is privy to intelligence information that allows him to warn Nazir at the eleventh hour, narrowly allowing the terrorist mastermind to escape with only his deputies killed.

Carrie, unable to let him go rampages through her informant’s residence, and despite being chased by gunmen, manages to secure intelligence from the house.

At first Saul and his team find nothing of significance in this hard-won paperwork – but after Carrie has been sent back to her ‘normal’ life in the US, Saul makes a shocking discovery… THAT video suicide note Brody recorded at the end of series one is sewn into the bag which the documents are kept in.

Bombshell, boom! Saul knows – Carrie was right all along.  Brody is a terrorist…

But what now?  Will Saul make it out of Beirut alive with the evidence?  Will Carrie really be able to adjust to normal life back in the US?  And how far will Brody go to protect his secret?  

You’ll have to watch episode three to find out…


Homeland continues on Sundays at 9:00pm on Channel 4