Switch and the best TV witches

From Sabrina and Bewitched to Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Worst Witch - join us on a magical journey down memory lane...




Stella, Hannah, Grace and Jude are in their early twenties. They live in Camden, try to hold down relationships and still argue with their mums. Oh, and they’re witches.

But the Switch girls aren’t any old witches. They are funny, feisty, sweary witches with topknots, denim jackets and trendy jobs who have casual sex, go travelling and struggle to pay the bills. 

Armed with feathers, a splash of water, a bit of soil and a lighter they are good to go, but the foursome can’t work their magic without each other. With flighty Hannah off travelling, they’ve become something of a part-time coven – and, as a result, their attempts at witchcraft don’t always go very well…

Trying to make their own lives in the capital, the odd traditional spell comes in handy, but the Switch girls are very much modern witches – they even have a app for casting spells on the go.

Starring Lacey Turner, Hannah Tointon, Phoebe Fox and Nina Toussaint-White, Switch is a little bit Hollyoaks and a little bit Fresh Meat with potions, cauldrons and spell books thrown in. 


Bewitched ran from 1964 to 1972, following the adorable nose-twitching Samantha, a young witch who marries advertising executive and ‘mortal’ Darrin. 

Charming and mischievous Samantha tries to give up magic and become a typical suburban housewife. But what with her magic red-haired mother Endora – who has a penchant for appearing at the wrong moment and is forever plotting to break up her daughter and her ‘mortal’ husband – a host of meddling magical family members and problems which can so easily be fixed with a touch of magic, much of the clever comedy sees Samantha going out of her way to conceal her witchy ways…



The hit American drama follows three sisters – Prue, Piper and Pheobe – who are The Charmed Ones, the most powerful good witches of all time. 

The sassy trio discover their powers after moving back into their family home and soon find themselves fighting evil forces while also contending with love, marriage, their careers and keeping the magical community a secret from the FBI…

The successful supernatural drama amassed a huge cult following and ran for eight series from 1998 before ending in 2006.



Sabrina the Teenage Witch follows Sabrina Spellman, an American teenager who finds out she has magical powers on her sixteenth birthday. 

She lives with her aunts Zelda and Hilda and Salaam – a talking black cat – and, although she can do magic, really she’s just like any other teenage girl. She has a part-time job, goes on dates and has to go through all the drama of High School. 

As she struggles to master her magic, Sabrina’s spells often go wrong and her funny aunts are forever having to come to her rescue…



Another children’s classic – The Worst Witch, adapted from novels by Jill Murphy, followed the world’s worst witch Mildred Hubble as she begins at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches. 

From the very first episode, when Mildred is late for her first day, the clumsy witch is always getting into trouble. Though her heart is in the right place, she and her friends Maud and Enid spend their time at school struggling in lessons and flitting from one crisis to another… 

The programme – which ran for 3 series between 1998 and 2001- launched the careers of Jessica Fox, who is currently playing Nancy in Hollyoaks and Felicity Jones, who has since stared in Northanger Abbey, Chalet Girl and Like Crazy – and has recently become the new face of Burberry. 


WILLOW ROSENBERG, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Centering around vampire slayer Buffy and her circle of loyal friends – known as the Scooby Gang – Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of the most loved fantasy dramas ever made…

Witch Willow Rosenberg starts the show as a quiet and shy schoolgirl, but over the course of seven series she harnesses her magical abilities and grows in confidence.

Though she momentarily turned a bit evil in series 6, Willow remains a much-loved character and continues to have a huge fan base years after the final episode aired.   


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