Viral videos of the week: Julia Gillard, James Corden, Barack Obama and Super Mario

The top five internet clips of the past seven days, hand-picked just for you


1. Games makers
Don’t college kids have exams to study for or something? If they do, rest assured that the Ohio State University Marching Band are going to fail theirs, because this routine must have taken weeks and weeks to put together. On the positive side, the OSU tribute to classic video games is one of the greatest things ever created in any medium.


Space Invaders at the start is good. Pacman at the end is great. Super Mario, Pokemon and Halo are impressive. But Tetris at 1m25s and the running horse at 6m10s are amazing.

2. Pwned down under
Australian opposition leader Tony Abbott thought he had an easy win on his hands when the parliament’s speaker, the fabulously named Peter Slipper, was caught sending sexist text messages to an aide, including graphic references to “mussel meat” and the labelling of a female MP as “an ignorant botch” (damn you, autocorrect!). Abbott called for Slipper to be removed, and got his wish when the speaker resigned.

However, first Abbott had to sit through this spectacular parliamentary smackdown from Julia Gillard, the Australian PM. For fifteen solid minutes she attacked him for his hypocrisy on the issue of sexism, in fine style. At 9m30s Abbott is visibly praying for death.

3. Right of reply
Similarly, some guy thought he could get away with emailing one of the presenters on WKBT, CBS’s affiliate station in Wisconsin, to tell her she was too fat for TV news and her obesity was setting a poor example. Well, he couldn’t.

Jennifer Livingston, the presenter in question, responded with this magnificently eloquent response, live on air, successfully holding back tears as she puts the bully firmly in his place.

4. “I don’t wanna touch sandpaper!”
Missed the first Obama v Romney presidential debate? By all accounts you didn’t miss a huge deal, with the Potus on weirdly subdued form throughout. Watch this instead:

The Bad Lip Reading version cuts straight to the important issues. Is Mitt Romney black, and does he have a jetski? But the star is moderator Jim Lehrer, who’s revealed as a damaged hippy who has seen terrible things. “Oh, well, they started clapping for the mad cow till someone sold him, and when they did, they had him stuffed. Just like the water buffalo. Stuffed.”

5. Smithy sees the light
James Corden – very nearly doing his Ricky Gervais impersonation – debunks the celebrity charity appeal video as part of a celebrity charity appeal to fight avoidable blindness in the developing world. Funny stuff, for a good cause.


The video was directed by none other than Rankin, in his signature style: crash-zooms, psychedelic colours and slapstick physical humour. Not really.