The Plane Crash lands 3.1m viewers on Channel 4

Feature-length documentary attracts 15% of all British television viewers whilst in the air


Channel 4’s decision to crash a plane in the Mexican desert was evidently rather a good one, as over 3m viewers tuned in last night to see the resulting footage.


Feature-length documentary The Plane Crash, which aired on Channel 4 yesterday evening between 9-10:30pm, attracted an average audience of 3.1m viewers and earned a 15% share of the audience. Both figures are well above average for prime-time Channel 4, and The Plane Crash was the best-performing programme on C4 yesterday by quite some margin.

Hitting a peak of 3.4m viewers at 10pm, The Plane Crash emerged as the second most-watched terrestrial show in its timeslot. It attracted more viewers than BBC2’s The Choir: Sing While You Work (2.4m/10%), Homefront on ITV (2.3m/10%) and Channel 5’s offering Making Faces, which only lured in an audience of 663,000 people (3%).

In fact only BBC1’s espionage drama Hunted performed (slightly) better than The Plane Crash between 9-10pm, boasting an audience of 3.4m and a 15.1% share.

The news is sure to gladden C4’s number-crunchers, coming as it does so soon after the broadcaster’s last bit of “event TV”, Drugs Live, proved to be a ratings flop at the end of September.


One question remains, however: how on Earth is C4 ever going to top a televised air disaster…?