Stephen Mangan – “I’d love to play Doctor Who”

The Episodes star is a particular fan of David Tennant's Doctor and once spent Christmas Eve with no less than two former Time Lords

His performance as Douglas Adams’s quirky “holistic detective” Dirk Gently was popular with both viewers and critics alike, but following the BBC4 show’s cancellation, Stephen Mangan says there’s another eccentric hero he’d love to play – the Doctor.


“I’d love to be Doctor Who – who wouldn’t, it’s a great part, it’s very exciting,” said Mangan, who currently stars alongside Tamsin Greig and Matt Le Blanc in BBC2 series Episodes.

But Mangan admitted he would not have been quite so keen to succeed Tenth Doctor David Tennant in the role.

“I think the Doctor Whos we’ve had recently have been phenomenal and I’m glad I wasn’t the one who had to follow David Tennant because he was extraordinary,” Mangan told an audience at the Cheltenham Literature Festival.

Perhaps he can use a few of his Time Lord connections to help him land the role once Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith departs…

“David [Tennant], weirdly, is my son’s godfather so we’re good friends,” said Mangan. “I once spent Christmas Eve with him and his father-in-law who is [Fifth Doctor] Peter Davison. There were four of us there and two Doctors –I don’t know how may hearts that makes.”


Mangan is set to start filming series three of Episodes in spring 2013.