Homeland series two, episode two – preview pictures and video

Take a look at the next episode of Homeland - Beirut is Back - before it airs on Sunday


Homeland returned to our screens on Sunday – and the much-anticipated first episode more than lived up to our expectations.


We were reunited with Carrie, Brody and Sol a few months after the dramatic events of the series one finale.

We found Carrie, post electro-convulsive therapy, living the quiet life – teaching English and growing vegetables – away from the CIA, with Brody a few months into his new role as a US congressman. 

But Carrie’s newfound peace was threatened when an asset of hers turned up with information about an alleged attack on the United States. 

With the truth out about Brody’s religious beliefs and Carrie back in her element in Beruit, the next episode of Homeland is bound to be an explosive one with more than a few plot twists to come… 

Scroll down for preview pictures and a clip of episode two of Homeland.

Watch a preview of Sunday’s episode: 


Homeland continues on Sunday at 9:00pm on Channel 4.