Sherlock’s Mark Gatiss among the cast of Living with Mother series two

Doctor Who writer joins an all-star cast including Brigit Forsyth, Tom Goodman-Hill and Alison Steadman in the returning Radio 4 comedy

Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss will be among the cast of Living with Mother when the programme returns to BBC Radio 4 later this month.


The Doctor Who writer will be joined by Brigit Forsyth, Tom Goodman-Hill, Greg Hemphill, Susan Jameson, Daniel Mays, Linda Robson and Alison Steadman in the second series of Alexander Kirk’s family-based comedy.

Living with Mother, which was first broadcast in 2011, explores the dilemmas faced by men who continue living with their mothers long into adulthood. Each of the new series’ four episodes will offer listeners a 15-minute snapshot of the life of a different family.

In the first episode, Gatiss will play a no-talent wannabe pop-star called Marlon whose mother (Jameson) can’t bear the thought of her son humiliating himself by showcasing his ‘singing’ on a nationally-broadcast TV talent show.

Linda Robson will appear in episode two as a hypochondriac mum who babies her grown-up son (Mays), while Alison Steadman and Tom Goodman-Hill star in episode three as two characters who conspire to stay in a beach chalet over winter as a means of saving money.

Brigit Forsyth and Greg Hemphill make up the fourth episode’s partnership, respectively playing a fitness fanatic mum and her overweight, couch-potato son.

The first series of Living with Mother earned critical praise when it was broadcast, being described in Radio Times as an “astutely-observed comedy series” in which “easy laughs are replaced with a lip-trembling insight into vulnerability, lack of self-confidence and interdependency.”


Living with Mother’s second series will begin on BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday 31 October at 11:15pm.