Benedict Cumberbatch: “Sherlock is nothing without Moriarty – I’m a bit obsessed with Andrew Scott”

"Andrew Scott is a lovely human being," says Cumberbatch - “I was very sad when he put a gun in his head and blew his brains out”

Moriarty is dead. As Andrew Scott, the actor who plays the arch-villain in BBC1’s Sherlock, has himself pointed out “It’s very hard to come back from shooting yourself in the mouth.”


Yet with a third series in the pipeline, the show’s star Benedict Cumberbatch has admitted “it’s nothing without that dynamic between Holmes and Moriarty.”

“I was very sad when he put a gun in his head and blew his brains out,” said Cumberbatch, adding that, along with his fondness for Moriarty, he is also “a bit obsessed” with Scott.

“He’s brilliant. He’s another person [as well as Martin Freeman] that when he was cast, it was music to my ears,” said the star. “I knew how good he was because I’d seen all his stage plays.”

Speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, Cumberbatch praised Scott’s performance as the “consulting criminal”.

“I just knew they’d got something utterly, utterly unique for a very big ask,” said Cumberbatch, “and oh, god, did he do well [in the audition] – he was just amazing. Again, he’s another actor who just raised my game.”


But Cumberbatch was at pains to made it clear that Scott is a far more pleasant character than his alter ego in the show, saying: “It was just a joy to work with him, he’s so supportive and, yeah, he’s a lovely human being.”