Doctor Who’s Arthur Darvill: I wish Amy and Rory had gone back to the sixties

“I think they have a very quiet life in New York – which is quite sad after having such an adventurous time – but they’re just happy to be together"

Arthur Darvill may have had a ball heading to New York to film his final Doctor Who episode, but there are still places he wishes Rory and Amy had had a chance to visit:


“Because of my music obsession, I’d have liked to travel back to the sixties and do something with the Doctor there. Or go back to when I was an annoying child and reassure myself it’s all going to be alright.”

He also admits he will miss the nights spent “running around in snowy castles, being chased by something that isn’t there.

“It’s something that becomes very normal, but soon you begin to realise that it’s not normal – it’s actually quite odd and most other jobs aren’t like that!”

Speaking of being chased, what does Arthur think of the statuesque foes who spelled the end of Rory and Amy’s travels with the Doctor?

“They’re my favourite baddies, along with The Silence. Steven (Moffat’s) creations are just brilliant because they’ve got such a psychological element to them and they are really, genuinely scary.

“I was on stage when the final episode went out so we had a breakfast party at my flat and invited some of my nearest and dearest around to watch it, but I’d forgotten how scary it was. I found it hilarious watching my friends’ reactions to the weeping angels in the final episode – people in their late 20s cowering behind pillows, it was brilliant.”

And what of Rory and Amy? What does Arthur think happened to them after they were sent back in time?

“I think they have a very quiet life – which is quite sad after having such an adventurous time – but they’re just happy to be together. Obviously it doesn’t run smoothly as they’re stuck back in quite a horrible place but they’ve got each other and that’s all they really need.”


“I think it was such an emotional ending, it was really fitting – I saw Steven the other night and told him I thought he’d written a brilliant story. I think the final episode affected a lot of people – I’ve had lots of fans telling me I’ve made them cry but then that was the desired effect…”