Red Dwarf X: the Twitter reaction

Smegging fantastic was the verdict across most of the Twittersphere with regard to last night's opening episode

Dave execs must have been quaking in their boots as the highly-anticipated first episode of Red Dwarf X aired for the first time last night. But judging by the reaction of the Twittersphere, they had every reason to crack open the champagne, as scores of fans tweeted their enjoyment of the return of Dave Lister, Arnold Rimmer, Kryten and The Cat. 


But the show’s success doesn’t mean there weren’t nerves before it started… Dedicated fan Mike Trim voiced the national apprehension:

And judging by the Twitter response it certainly was… Actor Robert Llewellyn who plays mechanoid Kryten announced,

…before thanking his followers for their Twitter support:

Meanwhile script editor Andrew Ellard was his own critic:

Luckily for him, the viewers generally agreed. Steve Wilkins informed producer Richard Naylor,

While Danny O’Dwyer heaped on the praise:

Tom Spilsbury came over all sentimental…

And Neil Goodwin agreed the show matched the standard of the past nine series:

And Tim Campbell-Green stated:

But the enormous cult following generated by the first nine series of Red Dwarf included a few unsatisfied customers. Amidst the flood of excited tweets came complaints from long-term fans who felt the current series failed to live up to its predecessors.  Chris Highfield admitted: 

While Vicki Baron was disappointed by the cast’s performance…

The background laughter drew criticism from a number of tweeters who doubted the presence of a live studio audience. Christopher Griffin was one such sceptic:

Meanwhile @stormplum pointed out the appearance of a few wrinkles here and there. 

Give them a break, the characters have been off our screens for most of the last 13 years! But any disappointed viewers can take reassurance from Mitch Benn’s insider’s knowledge…

And while the haters interjected with their criticism, Red Dwarf fans rallied to ward them off. Sarah Caseberry dispelled the naivety of uneducated viewers:

And @ddryan dismissed any suggestions that the sci-fi sitcom has become dated.

Judging by Dave’s announcement of last night’s viewing figures, we reckon there’s one or two execs grinning into their coffee cups this morning:


That certainly confirms Ray Lawlor’s suspicions: