Made in Chelsea series four – new trailer

This circus-themed teaser features glamorous new cast members, a hissing Spencer Matthews and Oliver Proudlock straddling Jamie Laing...

The impossibly glossy Made in Chelsea cast are heading back to our screens and E4 have put together a circus-themed delight to tease our appetites for our favourite Sloaney reality soap.


The trailer for series four is set on a merry-go-round and features some new additions to the Chelsea crew. Viewers are treated to a glimpse of new boys Andy Jordan, Sam Cussins and Stevie Johnson making eyes at Spencer’s gal Louise Thompson. In return slick Spence fires them his best attempt at a possessive growl – unfortunately a pussy cat could hiss more menacingly.

There are, of course, the obligatory glasses of champagne in hand, plus glimpses of glamorous newbies Sophia Sassoon (Spencer’s ex) and Richard’s current squeeze – the delectably named Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack.


Add to that a provocative close-up of glamorous Millie Macintosh, a sighting of Ollie Locke’s newly shorn hair (wearing a Union flag bow tie – we’d expect no less…) and a shot of Oliver Proudlock straddling boy nymph Jamie Laing, and you have yourself a must-watch teaser. I’ll say no more, but be sure to check out the video below: