Johnny Depp in first trailer of The Lone Ranger

Enjoy a sneak peek at the new Jerry Bruckheimer film, which was screened on American television yesterday

The first trailer for Johnny Depp’s new blockbuster The Lone Ranger has been shown on American TV. A trailer for the 2013 film premiered on Jay Leno’s chat show while Depp’s co-star Armie Hammer was a guest.


The Lone Ranger stars Hammer as cowboy John Reid and Depp as Native American spirit warrior Tonto, who together fight crime in the Wild West.

The action adventure film, which is due for release in the UK in August 2013, is an adaptation of the popular 50s television series of the same name.

The film has reunited Depp with Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who has worked on films such as Top Gun and Armageddon as well as the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. 

And while Depp may have left his beloved Captain Jack behind he certainly hasn’t been able to escape the pirate’s wacky costumes…


Take a look for yourself: