Benedict Cumberbatch “breaks Twitter”

The response to Louise Brealey’s #cumberquest took the Sherlock star by surprise…

When Louise Brealey sent an innocent tweet last night, asking Sherlock fans if they‘d like to put questions to the show’s star Benedict Cumberbatch in an upcoming Q&A, she must have realised she’d get a fair few responses.


But even Brealey – who plays morgue attendant Molly Hooper alongside Cumberbatch in the BBC series – didn’t quite expect such an avalanche of replies.

When her hashtag #cumberquest began trending worldwide, Brealey tweeted “Shit. It’s trending. *switches off computer and runs screaming down the road*”. 

There then followed a period of enforced radio silence from the actress as her account collapsed under the weight of responses.

Sometime later she reemerged from the carnage to tweet: “Wow. You broke my Twitter. Thank you for all your #cumberquest ions. Um. *small voice into the wind* I think I might have enough now.”

Brealey was collecting questions for a Q&A session at the Cheltenham Festival on Saturday in which she will talk to Benedict Cumberbatch about the challenges of reimagining Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic tales for the updated BBC series.

Radio Times will be at the event reporting on what Cumberbatch has to say. We’ll be tweeting too – despite the very real risk of breaking the Internet…