The X Factor 2012: MK1

Everything you need to know about the trio with only two members

Age: Charlie, 19; Simeon, 24


From: London

Category: Groups

Mentor: Louis Walsh

Bio: Having begun their X Factor journey as a trio, the band were forced to sack third member Will after Gary Barlow said that he looked like “the band’s accountant who’s come on stage for a song.”

Bereft of their friend, the group made it through to the judges’ houses, where their rendition of Beats International’s Just Be Good to Me earned them a place in the finals.

“It’s been weird not having Will around,” said Charlie. “He’s given us his blessing and that means a lot to us, it gives us an extra surgence of energy just to do it for him as well as us.”

What we said: “MK1 were an obviously odd trio: young female singer, young rapper, much older nerdy bloke. The judges told MK1 to become a duo and, after a conflab, the awkward one magnanimously took the only way out of an impossible pressure situation. We’ve seen this scenario before, but here we weren’t meant to sympathise with the outcast, because we’d sneakily been given subtitles for their frantic on-stage discussion, and seen him stipulating that he get 33% of their professional earnings. So he was painted as the bad guy. A man making contractual arrangements to safeguard his financial share. Painted as the bad guy. On The X Factor.” (week four)


RT predicts: Here to make up the numbers, surely. Duos rarely have enough stage presence to last the course, and these two… don’t. 12th