Louis Theroux on ITV Savile documentary: “It’s upsetting to have one’s worst fears confirmed”

Documentary-maker who made a film about Savile in 2000 reveals that he was not entirely surprised by new allegations of sexual assault made against the late TV personality

Louis Theroux revealed today that he has not been “completely blindsided” by allegations of sexual abuse made against the late Sir Jimmy Savile in an upcoming ITV documentary.


Exposure: the Other Side of Jimmy Savile, which will air this Wednesday at 11:10pm on ITV1, features testimony from a number of women who allege that the former Jim’ll Fix It host sexually assaulted them when they were under-age teens.

Theroux, who famously spent time with Savile in 2000 as part of his BBC2 series When Louis Met…, posted his reaction to the allegations on Facebook. He wrote: “So the rumours seem to have been in some degree validated.

“I haven’t seen ITVs expose on Jimmy Savile yet, but from what I understand there are a number of credible accounts from underaged teenaged girls of Jimmy abusing his position of trust and celebrity to procure sexual favours.

“I can’t say that I’m completely blindsided by these revelations. Still, it’s shocking and upsetting to have one’s worst fears confirmed.

“What is especially disturbing is the nature of the alleged abuse – that it apparently took place repeatedly, in the workplace and at a school he was visiting.

“My thoughts are with the victims. I hope they find peace.”


Savile’s family have attacked the documentary, with his nephew Roger Foster saying: “I just get so disgusted and disappointed by it. The guy hasn’t been dead for a year yet and they’re bringing these stories out. It could affect his legacy, his charity work, everything. I just don’t understand the motives behind this. It’s very, very sad you can say these things after someone’s died and the law says you can’t defend yourself when you’re dead.”