Downton Abbey series three, episode four: preview pictures and predictions

We take a look at Sunday's episode of Downton, and make some guesses about what happens next...

Well, weren’t we all in for a shock in Sunday’s episode of Downton Abbey? There we were naively thinking that Matthew and Mary were the only couple with a penchant for public drama, and Sir Anthony goes and leaves poor Edith at the altar. And just as everyone was starting to root for her, too…


Thankfully – after receiving a very conveniently worded letter from beyond the grave (yes, we were suspicious too, Matthew) – Mary’s new hubbie finally put everyone out of their misery and offered to save the Abbey. 

Meanwhile, Mrs Hughes told her colleagues she didn’t have cancer (phew!) and Carson showed us his sensitive (as well as tuneful) side. Thomas started a rather flawed rumour that O’Brien was leaving and things got nasty with her promising that “everything will be all wrong with you before long, you mark my words.” Sounds ominous…

And while Anna went searching for proof of Bates’ innocence (and found nothing of the sort), he appeared to be making enemies in prison.

So what’s next? We’ve got pictures of the drama to come this Sunday, so as usual we’ve made some spurious predictions… 

We don’t know how (or why), but Bates is managing to make holding a letter look sinister.

What’s in that letter, or indeed in the pile on the table? Are they love letters from devoted spouse Anna? Or hate mail from his dead ex-wife’s friends..?

And is it just us or, since he was slung behind bars, has Bates’ behaviour been making you a little bit suspicious? What’s with all these dark and moody frowns? And why doesn’t anyone like him in jail? He was always such a popular guy back at the Abbey…

Meanwhile, Ethel is back. You know, the housemaid who slept with an Army major, found out she was pregnant, was sacked from Downton, was going to give away her baby and then didn’t?

It looks like she is having yet another change of heart. We found out last week that she’s turned to prosititution to support herself, but is she desperate enough to really give him away this time? Or is she just trying to steal his beloved teddy to take down Cash Converters?

Who is this? Well, we know who actually. It’s Ivy Stuart, Downton’s pretty new kitchen maid.

She looks pleasant enough, but chances are her arrival won’t go entirely smoothly. Maybe she’ll do an Ethel and end up in bed with someone from upstairs? 

A promotion may well be what Daisy has been going on (and on and on…) about for months, but now it’s happened she doesn’t look too happy about it. Will nothing get this girl to crack a smile?

Perhaps she’s actually taken to her new role like a duck to water. She certainly looks bossier and more confident with this sassy, hands-on-hips stance. Maybe she’s set her sights even higher and is aiming to de-throne Mrs Patmore using that meat cleaver and wooden spoon combo?

Ah. Well… maybe something could put a smile on downtrodden Daisy’s face.

Her expression is anyone’s guess – there’s no denying that we can only see the back of her head – but we suspect there could be a bit of a flirt going on here. 

Could Daisy be going all girl power and doing it for herself? Alfred has expressed a liking for girls who say what they want…

But wait, who’s that listening in the background whilst pretending to check the spice jars?  Is it an extra, or is it a new member of the cast about to throw a cat among the love birds?

Ah ha! Another new face. Seems the Earl has quickly forgotten what penny pinching felt like. He’s throwing caution to the wind and employing new staff willy-nilly.

In this picture the gloves are off (well, one of four anyway) and there seems to be a bit of a fight going on. Maybe the new footman is muscling in on Alfred’s turf, getting the whites whiter and not burning holes in the Crawleys’ clothes. Or perhaps Alfred has watched how Thomas gets things done around here and has taken to threatening his new colleagues in the hallways?

Or, our favourite theory: maybe the new boy has taken a fancy to Daisy and we’ve got a below-stairs love triangle on our hands. Could Daisy actually have men fighting over her? Pistols at dawn anyone? Are we getting over-excited?


Whatever it comes to, Alfred’s most definitely got height on his side…