Doctor Who: Karen Gillan’s advice to Jenna-Louise Coleman “Hold tight – and don’t Google yourself”

"It's gonna be a ride and a half," the outgoing companion warns her replacement...

Karen Gillan has some words of advice for her Doctor Who replacement Jenna-Louise Coleman: “Hold on tight because it’s gonna be a ride and a half…”


Gillan and co-star Arthur Darvill – aka Amy Pond and Rory Williams – starred in their final episode, The Angels Take Manhattan, on Saturday and Coleman, who made a surprise appearance in series seven opener Asylum of the Daleks, will take up the companion role for real starting with this year’s Christmas episode.

Darvill expects Coleman to excel: “Jenna’s a really wonderful actress,” he told BBC America, “I think she’ s gonna be absolutely amazing. My tip would be to enjoy it… and she’s got to own it, make it her own, which I know she will because she’s brilliant.”

Gillan said the Doctor Who rollercoaster was ultimately something Coleman would have to experience for herself, but did have a final piece of advice.

“It’s something that you can’t really put into words… I just want her to experience it because it’s the most incredible thing, it’s like just jumping in at the deep end and I don’t think anyone can really prepare you for that.


“But I’d probably just say ‘Don’t Google yourself!'”