Films on TV Today, Sunday 30 September

Today's picks begin with 10 Things I Hate About You and Remains of the Day before historical epic Spartacus, Oscar-winner Juno and Back to the Future

10 Things I Hate about You – 2:55pm, Channel 4


Hollywood rom-com based on Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew and starring the late Heath Ledger. Bianca Stratford’s plans to go on a date with Cameron (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) are thwarted by her parents’ insistence that her aggressive older sister (Julia Stiles) gets a boyfriend first.

The Remains of the Day – 3:00pm, Yesterday

Framed in flashbacks, this impeccable adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s award-winning novel stars Anthony Hopkins as emotionally repressed butler Stevens, whose loyalty to his aristocratic master costs him a chance of happiness with former housekeeper Miss Kenton (Emma Thompson).

Spartacus – 4:10pm, ITV4

Stanley Kubrick’s historical epic boasts a stellar cast of Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier, Peter Ustinov, Herbert Lom and Tony Curtis. Holding the title of most expensive film ever made for several years, it follows slave-turned-gladiator Spartacus who finds himself leading a revolt against the mighty Romans.

Back to the Future – 6:35pm, ITV2

Michael J Fox stars in this time-travel comedy adventure as Marty McFly – a high school student who tries out Dr Emmett Brown’s modified DeLorean car and finds himself stranded in 1955. An encounter with his parents unwittingly changes their destiny, so can he put things right before it’s too late?

Juno – 9:00pm, Film4

Oscar-winning coming-of-age comedy starring a brilliant Ellen Page as teenager Juno MacGuff, who accidentally finds herself pregnant by geeky teen Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera). Determined against an abortion, the 16-year-old embarks on a quest to find the perfect adoptive couple.

Deliverance – 1:40am, Sky Movies Modern Greats


Suspenseful thriller featuring Jon Voight and Burt Reynolds who, along with two city-dwelling pals, embark on a weekend canoe excursion before a shocking encounter with two mountain men dramatically changes the mood of their trip.