Films on TV Tonight, Thursday 27 September

Comedy from Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act, action in The Bourne Identity - plus the Japanese anime that inspired Christopher Nolan's Inception


Sister Act – 7:00pm, Film4


Whoopi Goldberg shines as Deloris Van Cartier in this comedy about a cabaret singer who agrees to testify against her murderous gangster boyfriend, but is sent by police to hide in a San Francisco convent under strict mother superior, Maggie Smith.

Donnie Darko – 8:00pm, Sky Movies Indie

Psychological fantasy drama about introverted high school student Donnie (a haunting Jake Gyllenhaal), whose disturbing visions about a 6ft rabbit informing him the end of the world is imminent are compounded by a jet engine crashing through the roof of his house. 

JFK – 9:00pm, Film4

Oliver Stone’s historical thriller based on the assassination of President John F Kennedy. As the years pass since Lee Harvey Oswald’s conviction, New Orleans prosecutor Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner) is convinced of a conspiracy and sets out to prove it… 

The Bourne Identity – 10:45pm, ITV2

Matt Damon is amnesiac Jason Bourne – a top CIA assassin who’s discovered half-dead in the Mediterranean with a device embedded in his hip revealing a Swiss bank account number. He heads to Zurich to investigate but must dodge cops and government killers, keen to eliminate their now renegade operative. 

One Night in Turin – 11:00pm, ITV4

Gary Oldman narrates this documentary about England’s progress in the 1990 football World Cup, following manager Bobby Robson’s struggles with media scrutiny, the impact of hooliganism on the tournament, and the rise to fame of Paul Gascoigne.

Paprika – 12:35am, Film4


Surreal Japanese animated thriller cited by Christopher Nolan as his inspiration for Inception. Three scientists develop a device that allows them to record and watch dreams, but when a thief steals it, the trio – along with a police inspector and a sprite named Paprika – go on a hunt to recover it.