Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat on The Angels Take Manhattan – “Not everybody is going to get out alive”

And watch video interviews with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as they prepare for Amy and Rory's emotional last act

Ahead of the Ponds’ farewell this Saturday in The Angels Take Manhattan, the cast and crew of Doctor Who have taken part in a series of video interviews, sharing some teasers as well as their emotional responses to Amy and Rory’s departure.


Showrunner Steven Moffat promises “Not everybody is going to get out alive,” while executive producer Caro Skinner says “there will be tears.”

Arthur Darvill reveals that getting the script was “like reading the last chapter of the best book you’ve ever read – that you were in,” while Gillan says of the final scenes “I didn’t do any acting, because everything was real.”

But Matt Smith says his co-stars were first rate: “I’m very proud of the performances that Karen and Arthur have put in in that episode,” says Smith, “for me, it’s a real cracker and might even be my favourite of this season…” 


All that and a soppy Spice Girls soundtrack too? Forget the epsiode itself, you’ll struggle not to cry watching this…