Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan – new video

Enjoy a snippet of this weekend's creepy New York-based episode that will see the Ponds' leave the show

The clattering of an old-school typewriter opens this week’s creepy Doctor Who teaser, in which a lone New York gumshoe decides to go and visit the place “where the statues live.”


After the trilby-sporting private eye informs us that a friend of his named Grayle knows about some mysterious statues, but won’t visit them himself, he takes off into the night.

Slinking through the dark backstreets of Manhattan, our man chances upon a mysterious apartment building located directly behind a familiar (and terrifying) stone figure…

The Angels Take Manhattan, which will be companions Amy and Rory’s final Doctor Who adventure, will be broadcast this Saturday at 7:20pm on BBC1.


Doctor Who will then take a break after this weekend’s story until Christmas, and the second half of series seven will be broadcast in 2013.