What can we expect from series two of New Girl?

As the Zooey Deschanel vehicle returns to Fox in the US, the creator reveals what's in store for Jess in the upcoming season

The first season of New Girl may only have finished on E4 yesterday – and we are unlikely to see the second series in the UK for a while – but fans of Jess and the gang are being treated to a sneak preview of series two, which premiered in America last night. 


We were first introduced to New Girl in January when series one began in the UK. The season started off when quirky primary school teacher Jess – hot on the heels of a painful break up from her cheating, hippie boyfriend – moved into a flat with college drop-out Nick, ex-professional basketball player Winston and ladies man Schmidt.

Soon loveable Jess, her best friend Cece and the guys – along with a dollop of disastrous dating mishaps, accidental nudity and hilarious life lessons – charmed their way into the nation’s hearts, regularly topping the 4oD chart. 

New Girl creator Liz Meriwether explained: “In the first season, you’re setting up the character and you’re introducing the character to people watching. Then in the second season, it’s fun because you can twist things and show different sides and surprise people with a different part of the character, which I think is fun.”

So what will happen to our beloved characters in series two? 

Meriwether has revealed that the next season will see Jess – who was known for her quirky and creative teaching methods in series one – lose her job as a primary school teacher and have to make a whole new start. 

“It does feel like a tough moment in her life, but a fun thing to write because the character unhinges,” Meriwether told TV Guide in America. “For the first batch of episodes you get to see corners of her personality that you haven’t seen before.”

And what about her love life? The end of series one saw her break up with sophisticate Russell and go in search of a relationship with more passion. Might Nick and Jess finally get together? 

Meriwether revealed: “She’s exploring what it is to have casual sex, if she can do it. It’s definitely a challenge for her character. She isn’t very good at it. That’s kind of a push and pull for her throughout this first batch of episodes.” 

As for Nick, Meriwether said: “He’s figuring out who he is. He’s trying to find a better version of himself.” While Winston will be “staying pretty focused on work.”

And last night’s UK episode of New Girl saw Schmidt dump Cece… Will he see the error of his ways?

The fact that during the first episode of the new series Schmidt throws a party to celebrate the recovery of his ‘intimate’ injury sort of answers that question. “His mission in life is to go back to the old Schmidt; the Schmidt that was sleeping with everybody,” reveals Meriwether. 

As for where the rest of series two will take us…  Well, we’ll have to wait and see. 

Watch this promo for the first episode of New Girl season two…