Red Dwarf X exclusive video: Watch Rimmer and Lister baiting one another

See the lads bickering over a mountain of post in this brand-new clip exclusive to

You’d have thought that Red Dwarf’s lowest-ranking vending machine repair men, Arnold Rimmer and Dave Lister, would’ve learned to get on by now, wouldn’t you? But old habits die hard, as you can see in this new and exclusive clip of the show’s tenth series.


We join the lads as they’re sat sorting through a mountain of mail and betting on which of them will find the most letters in the pile addressed to him. Surprisingly, Rimmer is the one to strike it lucky. Or so he thinks…

The show’s new series, the first since 2009’s three-part special Back to Earth, has been described by creator Doug Naylor as the sci-fi sitcom getting “back to its best.” 

And that feeling is shared by the show’s stars. We recently sat down for a chat with the cast, and Craig Charles was just as keen to enthuse about the quality of Red Dwarf X, saying: “There’s some great stories in this one. In fact, the only things that can spoil it are the four actors involved!”

If you fancy another look at the series before it gets under way, check out the trailer and this clip of The Cat and Kryten.


Red Dwarf X begins at 9pm on Thursday 4 October on Dave