Downton Abbey series three, episode three: preview pictures and predictions

We take a look at Sunday's episode of Downton, and make some guesses about what happens next...

The second episode of Downton Abbey saw the newlyweds arrive home from their honeymoon. But after an initial loved-up moment in bed together, the pair were soon at odds again.


Leaving Matthew to his own devices, Mary paired up with the Dowager Countess to try to save the stately home. The quick-tongued matriarch was at her very best trying to persuade Martha Levinson to bail out Downton Abbey, but the plan failed when the American revealed she couldn’t control what happened to her late husband’s money.

Meanwhile, Edith upped her game when it came to snaring Sir Anthony. But her advances were soon halted by her dad’s insistence that they stop seeing each other. This resolve didn’t last long though, and the Earl rather half-heartedly did a U-turn and invited the Lord to dinner, where him and Edith decided the time had come to make their feelings for each other official…

Downstairs, there was more drama. The pesky American maid had her way with the new footman Alfred, who was in trouble of his own after taking Thomas’s advice. And, to the dismay of many fans, Mrs Hughes had a test to find out if she had cancer, the results of which are to be revealed this Sunday.

From the trailer at the end of last week’s episode, it seems likely that Lady Edith really will make it down the aisle. No Mary-and-Matthew-style drama for this new Downton couple.

So what’s next? We’ve got pictures of the drama to come this Sunday, so we’ve made a few predictions…

Finally, it’s Edith’s time to shine.

However, her sisters’ vacant expressions imply they could have other things on their mind. Now Downton is in trouble, maybe Sybil is feeling homesick for the champagne and ball gowns of her youth, while Mary is busy feeling jealous that her plain little sister is not only getting hitched, but is actually wearing a nicer dress than she did for her nuptials.

The Earl of Grantham is, rather rudely, checking the time. Perhaps he’s got an appointment with the bailiffs later on, or maybe the minister is charging by the minute. Or he could be considering sending his pocket watch off to Cash For Gold…

Time to open the wedding presents! Cora is still wearing the strangely contented expression she’s sported since her darling husband revealed he’d lost all her fortune. Maybe she’s still in shock…

The Dowager Countess, on the other hand, seems very interested in the contents of Edith’s rather modest pile of gifts. Well, you never know, some wedding guests can be very generous.

While Sir Anthony gazes at his new young bride, the Earl looks like he is getting a bit desperate. The Crawleys may “own half the village”, but moving out of the Abbey would take a lot of adjusting to.

The object of his gaze is anyone’s guess – it could be that he’s after one of those glasses of champagne to drown his sorrows. Or perhaps he’s considering whether he’s underestimated Edith’s squeeze? Could he secretly have enough pennies to save the Downton clan?

Uh-oh. It looks like Mary is reaching the end of her tether too. Hope Matthew didn’t think he’d get away with giving away Lavinia’s inheritance…

There is no way Mary would willingly move out of Downton – and if she’s forced to it’s unlikely Matthew will ever hear the end of it. If we were him, we’d abandon our principles and hand over the cash, if only to keep Mary quiet.

Below stairs it appears the new footman is in yet more trouble. Well, he hardly kept his head down last week, what with all the accidental burning of dinner jackets, stealing of shirts and snogging of maids.

Perhaps he’s sneezed on the profiteroles, or – more likely – Daisy has spilled the beans and told Mrs Patmore that she saw him playing tonsil tennis with the American maid at the end of last week’s episode. Tut tut.

Looks like Daisy and Anna are plotting something. Maybe a plan to get Daisy and Alfred together now that Miss Reed has headed back to America?

She did look rather put out when she accidentally witnessed the pair kissing last week. Plus it’s high time Daisy found herself a man after that whole “lying to William and marrying him because he was dying” fiasco.

If American girls can be bold and they get what they want, what’s stopping Daisy?

Though Bates seemed less than enthusiastic last week, a smartly dressed Anna has turned private investigator, venturing out of the Abbey in search of clues. First stop, the dead ex-wife’s best friend.

What are the chances this washerwoman is going to tell Anna something she doesn’t want to hear? Can her faith in her husband ever be shaken..?

While doting wife Anna is trying to prove his innocence, Bates is still festering behind bars and not doing himself any favours – at the end of last week’s episode we saw a violent, angry Bates who even seemed to inadvertently admit to being a murderer… Could Bates actually be a cold-blooded killer?

From the look of this photo, he’s joined some sort of gang (or perhaps a boy band). Maybe ITV are taking ideas from another of their primetime dramas and plotting a Ronnie Biggs-style breakout?


Downton Abbey continues on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV1