Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan – preview pictures

Get a sneak peek of the Ponds' final adventure ahead of Saturday's episode...

Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who will be the Ponds’ final journey – and whatever happens, there will definitely be tears. 


In this creepy and atmospheric episode, The Doctor and his companions head to America. The Weeping Angels are back – every statue in New York City has come to life and they are closing in on the time travellers. 

The question on everyone’s lips is: Will Amy and Rory make it out of the Big Apple alive? 

On the subject, Steven Moffat has only said: “There will be tragedy. It’s a heartbreaking farewell to Amy and Rory” while Karen Gillan, who plays beloved companion Amy Pond, has said her departure is “very final.”

Scroll down and see if these preview pictures hold any clues to the companion’s fate…


See the Ponds’ final adventure on Saturday at 7:20pm on BBC1


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