TV Twitter Trends: The Choir, The Audience and The Bletchley Circle

We bring you the Twittersphere's reaction to last night's most talked-about television



Perky choirmaster Gareth Malone was back on our screens last night – and his latest foray was met with resounding enthusiasm by the people who tweet.

@voltaires_vice was gushing in her praise of the charming conductor…

While watching The Choir seemed to make this tweeter rather emotional: 

Meanwhile, though some fans were unashamedly professing their support, @mrjuggles seemed to only just be coming to terms with his love of a collective sing-song…

Choir members or not, the programme – which saw Malone set up a choir in an NHS hospital – seemed to give these tweeters the confidence to try out their own vocal cords: 

We’re sure the songster himself would be proud. 

Tweeters with secret singing aspirations came creeping out of the woodwork too, as Malone’s infectious enthusiasm took hold: 

But while most viewers could barely contain their excitement, others were less than impressed with Malone’s latest choral escapades. Comedian Michael Spicer found the conductor’s perpetual promotion of choirs concerning: 

Tweeter @babblingbates agreed that Malone’s persuasive nature could have nationwide repercussions… 

While one poor viewer was – despite her own vast TV experience – just plain confused, tweeting:


If Channel 4’s new reality TV programme has passed you by, this is the peculiar premise: 50 opinionated members of the public follow one person with a problem. (Literally trailing around behind them. For one whole week. Read our episode one review here.) And after finding out all they can (by asking instrusive questions, listening in on awkward conversations or rifling through possessions), these strangers must pass judgement and make a life-changing decision for said person with a problem. 

Last night was the second instalment of the three-part series and it somewhat divided Twitter opinion. @CraigD92 was left unimpressed by the “groundbreaking” programme…

This tweeter took offence to Channel 4’s use of the word “groundbreaking”:

And the episode, in which single mum Andreena is trying to decide whether she should send her 10-year-old daughter away from London to live with her dad in Devon, was one step too far for @paulvallois.

There was some support out there for the programme’s controversial format…

…. but @OldBoysNo1 and @OSodric struggled to take the concept seriously:

(He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!)

But all that aside, The Audience certainly ticked these emotional tweeters’ boxes: 


And so we come to 50s-set crime drama The Bletchley Circle. Yesterday’s episode was the last in the series and saw the incredibly well-dressed ex-Bletchley Park girls finally come face to face with London’s mysterious serial killer. 

The climactic ending (which we won’t give away) divided opinion across the Twittersphere. @sarah_hilary felt the ending was spot on:

Many tweeters thought the miniseries came to a disapointingly predictable close…

Meanwhile, these tweeters were more concerned with how they were going to get some shut-eye after the creepy episode finished:


Once the final credits had rolled, the general consensus on Twitter seemed to see fans calling for a return of the crime-solving code-breakers: