Matt Smith on daytime TV, a female Doctor, David Tennant’s bed and his future with Doctor Who

The Eleventh Doctor opens up to funnyman Alan Carr in an interview to be broadcast on Friday evening

Doctor Who star Matt Smith may currently be a Saturday night favourite on BBC1, but he’s revealed that, personally, he’s rather partial to a dose of daytime television.


Speaking in a wide ranging interview with Alan Carr to be screened tonight, he said: “I love a bit of morning TV and Jeremy Kyle. I watched it last week and then after that there was a programme with three mature women on and I thought, ‘Older women on the TV? Bravo!’”

“It wasn’t Loose Women, was it?” joked Carr, before adding: “You are a bitch, Matt.”

Conversation then turned to the future of Doctor Who, which prompted Carr to suggest that former Corrie actress and Celebrity Big Brother favourite Julie Goodyear would make a good Doctor.

The 36-year-old funnyman joked: “I’d like to see Julie Goodyear as the Doctor. After all, she’s been around for 900 years like he has.

“I can see her with the Daleks with a fag hanging out of her mouth going: ‘F*** off!'”

But while Smith welcomed the principle of the idea, he admitted that the series is unlikely to adopt a female lead, at least for the foreseeable future.

“I think we could have a woman,” said the 29-year-old actor. “There are so many fabulous actresses out there, but in truth I don’t think it will happen any time soon.”

Smith also admitted that when filming Doctor Who in Wales, he stops over in the same flat as David Tennant used to.

“I’ve got two beds; one in the house in London and one in the flat in Cardiff, and that is where I was having trouble sleeping.

“The one in Cardiff is the same flat David Tennant slept in and the bed has not been changed in seven years.”

And Smith rounded out the interview by reassuring fans that he has no immediate plans to leave Doctor Who, saying: “I am not quitting, no. I have another ten weeks of filming and I am coming back for the 50th anniversary, and there is loads more to shoot, so I am absolutely not quitting.”

See Smith discussing all this and more on Alan Carr: Chatty Man tonight  on Channel 4 at 10:00pm.


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