Make your own Doctor Who The Power of Three cube

Bring the slow invasion into your living room this Saturday evening...

This Saturday evening from 7:30pm on BBC1, small black cubes will begin appearing inexplicably across the planet. They don’t do anything, they just sit there, but they soon become a must-have accessory – and that’s where comes in.


We’d hate you to feel left out when you settle down to watch Amy, Rory and the Doctor puzzle over their cubes so we’re giving you the chance to make one (or more) of your own. And if the Doctor and co’s cubes do eventually start to do something, well, maybe yours will too…

Don’t forget to tweet us a photo of you with your cube(s) – can you improve on the team’s attempt above…?

Make your own Power of Three cube

You will need:

– a printer (preferably colour)

– scissors

– a glue stick or double-sided sticky tape

Click on one of the images below, print out the diagram and follow the instructions. The A3 version consists of a single piece, while the A4 version is in two sections.

Happy cubing!

 Print out your A3 cube

 Print out your A4 cube

Design and concept by Stuart Manning


Doctor Who: The Power of Three is on BBC1 at 7:30pm on Saturday 22 September