Matt Smith: “Sherlock would find the Doctor an imbecile – the Doctor would think ‘Wear a silly hat'”

The Doctor Who star gives his take on Steven Moffat's other creation, and suggests a crossover would see the two characters at odds

‘‘Sherlock is a bit more of a sociopath than the Doctor and the Doctor is a bit more ridiculous than Sherlock,” says Matt Smith.


And the Doctor Who star is not convinced that the two characters – although each geniuses in their own right – would have particularly high opinions of one another.

“You know, I think Sherlock would just find the Doctor a complete imbecile and the Doctor would just think ‘O, come on, just wear a silly hat,’” said Smith of the two TV icons, both currently thriving under the auspices of writer Steven Moffat.

“I think ultimately they are very different ,” Smith told the Waikato Times. “[But] there’s great wit in them both, and that fervent intelligence that Steven has as a person that comes across in his writing.’’ 


Moffat himself remains dubious about the prospect of the pair meeting in a Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover episode, saying the two universes would not mesh well. He has, however, suggested that “a skit” might be a possibility, agreeing with Smith that the characters would be unlikely to get on – “they would probably punch each other.”