Films on TV Tonight, Wednesday 19 September

Enjoy Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart, before an evening of Shaft, Love Actually, Full Metal Jacket, Chopper and Disgrace

Crazy Heart – 9:00pm, Film4


Oscar-winning Jeff Bridges plays alcoholic washed-up country music star Bad Blake whose meeting with journalist and single mother Jean Craddock (Maggie Gyllenhaal) offers him a new lease of life.

Shaft – 9:00pm, Sky Movies Crime & Thriller

Remake of the 1971 thriller starring Samuel L Jackson and Christian Bale, about a US detective determined to charge a racist criminal suspected of murdering a black man, even if it costs him his own career.

Love Actually – 10:00pm, ITV2

Richard Curtis’s romantic comedy montage weaves an all-star cast through ten interlinked stories of people searching for and finding love over the Christmas period, including the Prime Minister (played by Hugh Grant). 

Full Metal Jacket – 10:35pm, ITV1

Stanley Kubrick’s Vietnam War drama about a group of raw marine recruits who undergo gruelling training before getting their first taste of combat in 1968.

Chopper – 11:10pm, Film4

Eric Bana stars as notorious criminal Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read in this fact-based Australian drama charting his rise and fall, based on the memoirs he wrote whilst serving a jail sentence.

Disgrace – 12:05am, BBC1


Set in post-apartheid South Africa, disgraced Professor David Lurie (John Malkovich) flees to his daughter’s remote farm after his affair with a student is revealed. But whilst seeking refuge he is drawn into a violent confrontation with three local men.