Doctor Who The Power of Three – new trailers

The Doctor moves in with the Ponds to uncover the secret behind an invasion of little black cubes...


It’s a long time until Saturday and the next instalment of Doctor Who, so here are not one, but two new trailers to tide you over.


This week’s tale The Power of Three is a change from the gunslinging, dinosaur-riding and Dalek-infested episodes of late, and has been described by writer Chris Chibnall as “Doctor Who from Amy and Rory’s point of view.”

It sees the Ponds embark on their scariest adventure yet – letting The Doctor move in with them. And instead of the usual fast-paced adventure, the story takes place over the space of almost an entire year, as the trio try to uncover the secret of the little black cubes that have mysteriously appeared all over planet Earth… 

Watch this trailer from BBC America…


And this one from the BBC.