Rolf Harris to present new animal show on Channel 5

Nearly a decade after Animal Hospital, the veteran star is back with a brand-new series, Rolf's Animal Clinic

Who could forget Animal Hospital? The primetime show was watched by millions during the 90s. And with heartrenching tales of poorly puppies, adorable owners and – the glue that held it all together – Rolf Harris, what was not to love?


The successful show ran for ten years and nineteen series before Harris decided it was “time to move on” in 2003, breaking the hearts of thousands of fans across the country.

But the 82-year-old presenter, whose TV career spans almost 60 years, will be returning to our screens this autumn to present a new animal show Rolf’s Animal Clinic.

The new show will see Rolf follow students from the University of Liverpool’s Vet School as they deal with the injuries and illnesses of domestic pets, livestock and exotic zoo animals.

Commissioning editor Ian Dunkley said: “The series gets to the emotional heart of what it is to be a vet – from the drama of life-saving equine surgery, to how best to deal with an overweight pet. Having Rolf as the presenter is a fantastic addition to the series.”

Harris added: “The welfare of animals is something that has always been close to my heart and it’s wonderful to be presenting this series which covers the fascinating and skilled work of the vets dealing with such an amazing range of animals.”

The six part series will be shown on Channel 5 this autumn. 

Since the end of Animal Hospital Rolf Harris has painted the Queen, performed at Glastonbury and taken to the stage for the Diamond Jubilee Concert earlier this year. 


Rolf Harris doing what he does best…